Sunday Walk

This dress is by far one of my favourite pieces!

When I bought it, I never thought that I would wear it so often. With its tulle skirt und strappy top it was way too extravagant to wear it in my everyday life. But when I saw it hanging on the rack so light and lively I fell in love with it immediately. I pictured myself wearing it on a date or on a family dinner or other special occasions. And there I made one of the many fashion mistakes we all make. Buying something extravagant that we love for a none existing special occasion. And opting for something less fancy when the day has come, because: „I don´t want him to think I´m some kind of barbie/ I don´t want to be overdressed/ It´s only a family dinner, no one will acknowledge my outfit“

So in conclusion my now favourite dress has been hanging in my closet for 3 years without having been worn a single time!

And two years ago I was reading a movie review about some romantic comedy wich had pictures of the movie in the article. And there it was. A movie scene of a casual garden party and a woman wearing a white tulle dress with a checked blouse as jacket substitute. The dress had lost it´s overdressedness. It was still special, still beautiful, but now it was casual. Perfect for a Sunday walk or brunch with your friends or a casual date.

I instantly slipped into my ballerina dress and put the woodworker shirt on top. I looked into the mirror and was struck by my own appearance. I had my personal Carrie Bradshaw interpretation moment. I never felt so comfortable and so much like myself in a dress. I tried nearly all of the pullovers and blouses I owned on the dress and I realised how easy it was to combine it!

TPMKE9082Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

What I learned through this was to ask myself a different question when I buy something. I don´t ask myself anymore: When will I wear this? Instead I ask myself: How can I wear this everyday? 

by Missi

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